Discover the Story of SXILL Animation Institute

SXILL has won various Awards including the presitgious EduSpark Awards, by AnimationXpress in 2022 and 2023, including being selected as the Most Innovative Program in Animation. It has also won the Golden Globe Award, NQAA Award, Indian Education and Edtech Awards, Education and Training Awards (UK), among others.


SXILLUP has it’s roots in 2008, when SXILL based on it’s research, initiated peer learning for a few years, and the followed it up with a mentor based upskilling program in 2011 – MethodArt. This program was set up as a pilot and 18 volunteers were trained by 2014-15. These volunteers were placed by the team with 100% success, as all of them were grabbed by top studios like Technicolor, DQ, Xentrix, MEL, PhimCGIwere then tracked through their careers for 8 years, and once convinced of the success of the pilot study over a period spanning 10-12 years, SXILLUP was born. In SXILLUP you an jump directly into 3D animation, and through industry backed reviews you are groomed through a continuous assessment technique (most universities confuse assessment with evaluation) as you master each step before moving to the next one, till one day you have earned all the belts (to use a term from karate), and are good enough to work in a top studio. This study may take you from 8-12 months on fast track, or 18-24 months on a normal track.

SXILLUP program is lead by India’s most renowned animation mentor Parminder Singh, who was winner of the Best Faculty Award from Arena Animation. One of the student’s mentored by him finished as the winner of the Best Animation Student Award from Arena Animation too. Of course, needless to mention, these awards were stopped just after these, since these exposed the difference in quality that persists in the franchisee system.

SXILLUP Program is also backed by Mangat Chauhan, Motu Patlu’s Lead Animation Supervisor. Motu Patlu is the biggest Indian 3D Character Series that has run more than 1000 episodes.

Under this Program you are exposed to direct feedback from Experts from Technicolor, Rockstar, Digitoonz, Greengold, Toonz, Lakshay Digital (Keywords Studio), and many more..

The History of SXILLUP is incomplete without reading the history of SXILL. So read on..

SXILL History

SXILL started out as a fledgling venture in a franchisee mode, by it’s founder, who has been an artist and poet, and had strayed into the corporate world after his BE and MBA. He re-entered the design world on 1 Dec 1996 when the seed of SXILL was born. He was quick to take the required training and understand the world of Animation and Design deeply.

He developed working relationships with all of India’s leading stakeholders in these fields including but not restricted to AnimationXpress, Greengold (makers of Chhota Bheem), MEL (makers of Motu Patlu), MEAI (Media and Entertainment Association of India), MESC (Media and Entertainment Skills Council), Digitoonz (producers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and many more. He also was the Founder Dean of Chitkara Design School, in 2016 as he researched and developed advanced Pedagogies to train the creative manpower of the country. He has authored several research papers and books on subjects like Technology driven Art, Creativity, Design Thinking, Pedagogy, Peer Reviews, Gamification etc. which are published in several countries.

SXILL started an extensive research into Animation Training Processes worldwide 2 decades ago. It researched the methods followed at Ulm, Bauhas, Calarts, AnimationMentor, CourseEra, Gobelins, Sheridan, Kimon Nicolaides, Betty Edwards and many more. It took out the most outstanding teaching practices, and synergized them together to create a method which was unique in the world.

SXILL was setup as a Game Changer in Creative Education. It was a response to the fleecing methods of Franchise Business which had entered Animation and Design and were training through sub-standard curriculum and pedagogy, low cost faculty, and high cost marketing budgets. SXILL was the first to introduce advanced concepts like laddered learing, 360 degree training, Design your own curriculum, as well as a new methodology ADEPT©®, and Industry Monitoring and Mentoring, Peer Assisted Learning, Strategic Placement Initiative.

Harnessing Creativity

SXILL is a pioneering Design and Animation Institute with a rich legacy in Media and Entertainment Education Sector. With over two decades of experience, we have become the leading destination for aspiring creative minds like you from India and abroad.

SXILL is committed to bring top-notch education to you, and has developed a unique pedagogy, A.D.E.P.T.(c) to help our students excel in UI/UX design, Graphics, Film, Animation and Game Design. The focus is on equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of media and entertainment.

SXILL takes immense pride in our role as a catalyst for the growth of the industry. By producing adequately trained manpower, we contribute to the development of this flourishing field. Our job-oriented programs have a proven track record of providing quality training, benefiting both our students and the industry. We ensure that our graduates are industry-ready, capable of meeting the demands of current and future business avenues.

As the preferred Animation Institute in Chandigarh, Himachal, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Kolkata, SXILL continuously strives to reach a wider audience. It understand the importance of staying relevant in this rapidly evolving industry.

Through the state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, SXILL delivers high-quality training that prepares students for real-world scenarios.

Whether you aspire to become a skilled animator, a creative graphic designer, or a proficient UI/UX expert, SXILL is the perfect place to shape your dreams into reality. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your creative potential.

Experience the SXILL advantage – the leading animation institute in India, prefered by students across the country especially from Chandigarh, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab and Kolkata. Let us guide you towards a successful and fulfilling career in the captivating world of media and entertainment.