Level I

Level 1: Foundations of Character Animation

In Level 1, students delve into the fundamental elements of character animation. They acquire a comprehensive understanding of animation principles through the “Understanding ladder,” which lays the groundwork for mastering the language of the graph editor. This term covers essential concepts like timing, spacing, and weight sensation, exploring techniques such as slow in and slow out, arcs, anticipation, stretch and squash, and more. Moreover, it introduces the concept of character animation, emphasizing gestures and the expression of emotions and force through body movements.


SXILLUP has it’s roots in 2008, when SXILL based on it’s research, initiated peer learning for a few years, and the followed it up with a mentor based upskilling program in 2011 – MethodArt. This program was set up as a pilot and 18 volunteers were trained by 2014-15. These volunteers were placed by the team with 100% success, as all of them were grabbed by top studios like Technicolor, DQ, Xentrix, MEL, PhimCGIwere then tracked through their careers for 8 years, and once convinced of the success of the pilot study over a period spanning 10-12 years, SXILLUP was born. In SXILLUP you an jump directly into 3D animation, and through industry backed reviews you are groomed through a continuous assessment technique (most universities confuse assessment with evaluation) as you master each step before moving to the next one, till one day you have earned all the belts (to use a term from karate), and are good enough to work in a top studio. This study may take you from 8-12 months on fast track, or 18-24 months on a normal track.

SXILLUP program is lead by India’s most renowned animation mentor Parminder Singh, who was winner of the Best Faculty Award from Arena Animation. One of the student’s mentored by him finished as the winner of the Best Animation Student Award from Arena Animation too. Of course, needless to mention, these awards were stopped just after these, since these exposed the difference in quality that persists in the franchisee system.

SXILLUP Program is also backed by Mangat Chauhan, Motu Patlu’s Lead Animation Supervisor. Motu Patlu is the biggest Indian 3D Character Series that has run more than 1000 episodes.

Under this Program you are exposed to direct feedback from Experts from Technicolor, Rockstar, Digitoonz, Greengold, Toonz, Lakshay Digital (Keywords Studio), and many more..

The History of SXILLUP is incomplete without reading the history of SXILL. So read on..

Student Work